Topic for dissertation for accounting and finance

How to Choose Topics for Dissertation in Accounting And Finance?

We all have to write a dissertation either in our Ph.D. program or in under graduation or post-graduation degree. It is basically a research project whereby you write your findings, analysis, and interpretation on the subject matter. The objective of writing a dissertation is to present what you have learned during your time at university. Writing a dissertation is also art you have to follow the guidelines and directions while making it. More than writing a dissertation, choosing the topics for your dissertation is very tough especially when you have to choose from a wide subject such as accounting and finance. So if you are stuck with how to choose the outstanding and unique topic for a dissertation in accounting and finance then this blog will help you to choose the best suitable topic and you can also choose any topic from the list given below. 

Steps to choose topics for dissertation in accounting and finance

Accounting and finance has a wide scope and these subjects have subparts. So it is like the ocean out of which you have to bring one drop of water. We think that we can choose any topic for our dissertation but we fail to give considerable importance to the disseratation’s topic. So follow the following steps to choose the outstanding and unique topic for dissertation in accounting and finance.

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Brainstorm your ideas 

The fist for choosing your topic for dissertation in accounting and finance is to brainstorm your ideas. It means that you have to study about the subject that is accounting and finance and after that you will be able to think of a few topics and you have to keep searching for ideas regarding your topic for dissertation so that you can come up with outstanding and unique topic ideas for your dissertation. 

Read the current affairs 

Second step for choosing a topic for dissertation in accounting and finance is to go through the current affairs for once. Whenever you write a dissertation in the current topic or trending or contested topics it will work as an additional point for your dissertation. It can be anything like any law related to financial services or like any leading case law or any new development in the accounting and finance sector. So you have to be vigilant while going through the current affairs. This step is basically the extension of the above steps so you have to search for ideas through current affairs also. 

Pen down all the ideas 

By now you have thought of many ideas for topic for dissertation in accounting and finance so the next step is to note down all those ideas either in notepad or wherever you like and off course from where you can recall later. This step is very important because if you don’t write your ideas you might forget them at a later stage or it is also possible that you remember the topic name but can’t recall why you choose this topic. So it is always better to note down your ideas for future reference and for following the further steps. 

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Learn about the listed topics 

Next step for finalizing your topic for dissertation in accounting and finance is to research about the topics you have listed down. It will help you to gain more knowledge about the topic so that you can decide whether the topic covers the same that you thought and whether it is of your interests or not. Similarly you can check the scope of your topics. So don’t forget to search about the topics you have listed. 

Finalize your topic 

Now the time has come to choose the topic for dissertation in accounting and finance. So you have to pick one topic from the list. Make sure you choose the right topic because the quality of your dissertation will depend on the the topic you choose. So while selecting the topic just go through the essentials of dissertation and then cross check whether you can fulfill those essentials with the selected topics or not. If the answer is yes then you can proceed with the topic and if the answer is no then you take other topic following the same finalizing procedure. 

Conduct a preliminary research on the topic 

Next you have to do is conduct a preliminary research on the chosen topic for dissertation in accounting and finance. So what you have to do is learn about the topic on Google or through books. It will help you to check whether the topic contains all those areas you want to cover in your dissertation. If you are not satisfied with the topic then you can change it anytime or you can mould your topic according to your needs. 

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List down the keywords 

Next step is very important for Choosing the topic for dissertation in accounting and finance as it states that you have to list down the keywords for the topic. listing the keywords will help you in searching the topic on Google. 

Ensure the uniqueness of the topic 

Lastly you have to check the uniqueness of the topic because dissertation shows your skills and knowledge on the subject matter. So if you will choose the outdated topic then it will lose its relevance. So make sure you have chosen a relevant and unique topic for dissertation.

List of topics for dissertation in accounting and finance 

  1. Role of taxation in the economy and business sector 
  2. Depreciation and its methods 
  3. Taxation Law relating to different assets 
  4. Different accounting methods for partnership firms and companies: contemplated analysis 


Dissertation in our graduation plays an important role as it reflects what you have learned throughout your graduation so you have to make it with utmost hard work and effort. As already discussed the quality of your dissertation depends on its topic. So you have put extra effort into choosing topics for accounting and finance. We hope that now you can easily choose the topic and you can also take the help of the list given above. If you still face any difficulty in choosing a topic for your dissertation. Then you can contact our accounting assignment helper team 24/7 and get the best Finance Dissertation Help from the experts.

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