Computer Science Projects for Advance


Advanced computer science projects refer to projects that require a high level of expertise in computer science and programming.

Fraud detection

Develop a machine learning model that can detect fraudulent activities in financial transactions.

Sentiment Analysis

Develop a model that can analyze text to determine the sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) of the content.

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Computer Science Projects For Intermediate

Secure login system

Develop a system that can authenticate users securely and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and systems.

Analyzing network traffic

Build a system that can analyze network traffic to detect suspicious activities.

Smart home system

Develop a system that can control home appliances and devices using voice commands.

Health monitoring system

Build a system that can monitor and analyze vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels, and provide alerts.

Drone-based system

Build a drone that can fly autonomously, navigate obstacles, and perform tasks such as delivery, inspection, and surveillance.

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