Cool Python Projects For Intermediate

As an intermediate Python programmer, you likely have a solid understanding of the language's syntax and core concepts, and are looking for more challenging projects to develop your skills.

Building a chatbot

Use natural language processing (NLP) to create a chatbot that can answer user questions, provide information, or even make recommendations.

Developing a web scraper

Use Python's BeautifulSoup library to scrape data from websites and analyze it.

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Cool Python Projects For Beginners

Automating tasks with Python

Use Python to automate repetitive tasks, such as renaming files or downloading files from a website.

Creating a neural network

Use Python's Tensorflow or PyTorch libraries to create a neural network that can recognize images, classify data, or even generate text.

Building a recommendation engine

Use Python to create a recommendation engine that can make suggestions based on user behavior.

Creating a voice assistant

Use Python's speech recognition and synthesis libraries to create your own voice assistant.

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