Top 10 Interesting DBMS Project Ideas

Create a robust library management system that allows users to search for books, borrow, and return them.

Library Management System

Design a comprehensive e-commerce database that handles product listings, customer orders, and transaction details.

E-Commerce Database

Build a simple social media platform with features like user profiles, friend requests, post creation, and comment threads.

Social Media Platform

Develop a student information system for educational institutions to manage student records, attendance, and grades.

Student Information System

Create a database for hospitals to manage patient information, appointments, and medical records.

Hospital Management System

Design a travel booking system that allows users to search for hotels, flights, and rental cars.

Travel Booking System

Develop a recipe database where users can browse and search for various recipes.

Recipe Database

Build an online job portal that connects job seekers with employers.

Online Job Portal

Create a comprehensive event management system that enables users to organize and manage events.

Event Management System

Design a real estate management system for property listings, buyer inquiries, and real estate agent profiles.

Real Estate Management

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