Difference Between Thesis and Research paper

You all must have heard about Thesis and Research Papers and many of you must be confused about them. When you go to graduate schools, postgraduate schools or pursue a doctorate degree, you need to submit either thesis or research paper or dissertation.

THESIS- A Thesis is long academic writing which involves personal research. It is written by someone to obtain a university degree or diploma.

RESEARCH PAPER- It is a piece of academic writing, written as a part of the subject and do not constitute a separate subject or module. In the research paper, the researcher has to do independent research and then write a description of the findings.

Thesis Vs Research Paper

1. Purpose The purpose of writing a thesis is to obtain a university degree or qualification. The purpose of writing a research paper is to expand knowledge. The reader must learn something new when he or she read the research paper.

2. Style Since thesis is written to obtain a degree so it is usually longer than research paper. The research paper is all about establishing central part of thesis with all the data and proofs gathered.

3.Time Taken As we know that thesis is lengthier than research paper so the completion of thesis takes a lot more time than that of the research papers.

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