Machine Learning Project Ideas for Advance

Embarking on an advanced machine learning project not only expands your knowledge and expertise but also provides an opportunity to tackle real-world problems.

Deepfake Detection

 Develop a model to detect deepfake videos or images by analyzing facial features, inconsistencies, or artifacts generated during the deepfake creation process.

Neural Machine Translation

Build a neural network model to perform language translation tasks, such as translating English text to French or vice versa.

Video Action Recognition

Create a model that can recognize and classify human actions in videos, such as walking, running, or playing sports.

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Machine Learning Project Ideas For Intermediate

Anomaly Detection

Develop an anomaly detection system that can identify unusual patterns or outliers in a given dataset.

Image Captioning

Build a model that generates descriptive captions for given images, combining computer vision techniques with natural language processing.

Sentiment Analysis on Social Media

Create a sentiment analysis model to automatically classify social media posts.

Autonomous Driving

 Build a model for autonomous driving using computer vision techniques to detect and classify objects on the road.

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