Basic Python Interview Questions for Freshers

Python is among the most popular programming languages today. Major organizations in the world build programs and applications using this object-oriented language. Here, you will come across some of the most frequently asked questions in Python job interviews in various fields.

1. What is Python?

 Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented scripting language. It uses English keywords frequently. Whereas, other languages use punctuation, Python has fewer syntactic constructions.

2. Python is an interpreted language. Explain.

An interpreted language is any programming language that executes its statements line by line. Programs written in Python run directly from the source code, with no intermediary compilation step.

4. What is pep 8?

PEP in Python stands for Python Enhancement Proposal. It is a set of rules that specify how to write and design Python code for maximum readability.

5. What is PYTHONPATH?

PYTHONPATH has a role similar to PATH. This variable tells Python Interpreter where to locate the module files imported into a program. It should include the Python source library directory and the directories containing Python source code. PYTHONPATH is sometimes preset by Python Installer.

6. What are Python Modules?

Files containing Python codes are referred to as Python Modules. This code can either be classes, functions, or variables and saves the programmer time by providing the predefined functionalities when needed. It is a file with “.py” extension containing an executable code.

7. What are python namespaces?

A Python namespace ensures that object names in a program are unique and can be used without any conflict. Python implements these namespaces as dictionaries with ‘name as key’ mapped to its respective ‘object as value’.

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