SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Science) in terms of statistical packaging tools, it is the leader of the market. There are various SPSS uses that are considered as the data manipulation and storage derivative. There are two batch processing methods: first one is interactive batches and the second one is noninteractive batches.


Excel is user-friendly statistical and one of the most powerful software. It enables you to store data in a tabular format, that is, in rows and columns. In a variety of ways, you can also interact with your data .

SPSS Vs EXCEL: The Key Differences

SPSS provides us with clear information or insight about the computing storage’s utilization and the memory system’s efficiency. Excel shows how to extract the information as well as knowledge from data in a variety of formats.

SPSS shows us how to build processes in batches and work, as well as how to manage memory in programming. Excel provides a view of how data can be used for studying on how data will be stored, processed, and manipulated in order to avoid redundancy and for future use make data relevant.