Top 9 Programming Languages for AI 


Python is the most popular language for AI due to its simplicity, readability, and extensive libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch for machine learning and deep learning tasks.


Java's portability and performance make it suitable for AI development, especially in enterprise applications and Android-based AI projects.


C++ is preferred for AI implementations requiring high computational speed and resource efficiency, making it suitable for robotics and computer vision.


R is a specialized language for data analysis and statistical modeling, making it a top choice for AI tasks involving data manipulation and visualization.


JavaScript's dominance in web development has led to AI frameworks like TensorFlow.js, enabling AI applications in web browsers.


Lisp has a strong history in AI research and development, particularly for its support of symbolic AI and expert systems.


Prolog's declarative nature makes it ideal for rule-based AI and logic programming applications.


Scala's combination of object-oriented and functional programming capabilities makes it suitable for AI tasks, especially in distributed computing.


Julia is gaining popularity in AI research due to its high-performance numerical computing capabilities and ease of use.

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