What is Case Study: All You Need to Know About It

What is a Case Study?

A case study is a research methodology that is generally utilized in social science. Moreover, it is a research strategy, as well as an experiential inquiry that examines a phenomenon within the actual context. In addition to this, the case studies are established on a single individual in-depth investigation, event, or group to explore the causes of underlying principles.

Nature of the Case Study

  • Usually, case studies are qualitative through nature; on the other hand, they are able to incorporate quantitative data such as part of a mixed-methods design. 
  • It generally mentions studying an individual and writing their existing knowledge, such as it tells to the phenomenon in the query. 

Feature of the Case Study

A good case study should meet a number of criteria. It should be an actual case from real life. Besides this, it should be the features that the researcher needs to study. It should be probable for the researcher to revision the case in actual.

The researcher cannot be in a separate case for 24 hours. It is able to carry out in natural circumstances and surroundings or an experimental laboratory setting, contingent on the purpose of the research and the case.  The aim of this can be descriptive, multiple-case, or exploratory studies. They can be instrumental or intrinsic.

Types of case studies

Management case study

In this case, studies consist of applications of your subject knowledge in a number of areas of organizational development, marketing, finance, etc.

Legal case study

It makes an available topic, for example, disputes between 2 right parties needing the applications of legal knowledge. 

Nursing case study

These types of case study assignment areas are written on a number of diseases, for example, COPD, Type II diabetes, pneumonia, etc. These case studies consist of problems related to that disease. It includes patient history, path physiology, nursing care, related treatment, patient goal, nursing diagnosis, nursing intervention, assessment, and recommendations

How is the case study helpful?

The case study is flexible, as well as an innovative teaching tool that shows the application of the theoretical concept to actual situations. Explaining this statement, a case study is a method of a critical pedagogical that being able to teach or obtainable in the form of discussion, problem, or conflicts based learning. 

Previously, law, medical, and field business applied case studies to add simplicity in the topic; on the other hand, now almost all the courses in the academic field utilize case studies such as an essential teaching tool.

Challenges faced by Students

Undoubtedly, writing a case study is a time-consuming task. In addition to this, you have to provide proper time to research the topic. Case Studies can connect to any given subject. They can establish on real stories that may relate to the corporation, economics, industry, finances, etc. They can be of distinct genres.

The Importance of Case Study Assignments

Our experts are aware of every single need that student determines particularly as soon as it comes to the assignments that are connected to Case Studies.


Case studies are an analysis of groups, people, conclusions, procedures, strategies, periods, organizations, or another system. They are studied holistically through one or additional approaches. The above information is very beneficial for the students. Besides this, if you are facing any problem while doing the case study assignment help, you can get help from us.

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