-What did you notice about the children’s reaction to this experiment? Was it effective?



01. Video: "Civil Rights Movement" (Approx. 28 mins)

Please watch this video on the history of the Civil Rights Movement.


02.  Video: "A Class Divided"


This video will help you prepare your upcoming assignment.

03. Read Zinn Textbook: Chapter 17

Please read the Chapter 17: "Or Does It Explode?" found in the book A People’s History of the United States by Howard 


>>Click here if you do not have the book, you can access an online copy here.

Please read this and be prepared to discuss things from the chapter you found interesting, strange, or of importance.

Discussion for Assignment #06: Civil Rights

Discussion for Assignment #06: Civil Rights


Section A: After watching the video: “A Class Divided," consider these questions in your response:

-What did you notice about the children’s reaction to this experiment?  Was it effective?

-Do you think this is an effective way to teach people about Civil Rights?  Why or why not?


Section B: Please select 4 Quotes from the Zinn Chapter and write 1-2 paragraphs as to why you think each quote is interesting, strange or of importance.  (Please write fully developed paragraphs for EACH quote).

Please consider some of the ideas that may have been new information to you.


Section C: What are three specific events from the Civil Rights video that were new information for you or grabbed your attention?  (Don't just list the items, reflect on them in 1-2 fully developed paragraphs). 

Step 01: Please, type a copy of your assignment on a Word document (.doc or .docx file extension) and submit it to the safe assign link below.  All work will be checked for plagiarism!

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