A brief description of the selected leader’s character and the leadership style.



Watch a movie the imitation game (2014) any analysis of his leadership style, based

RLP (Responsible leadership for performance style.) Mostly based on

http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/107179190601200405 this journal.

And need 5-7 references, the length is 2000 words.

1. A brief intro outlining the key facts in the selected film.

2. A brief description of the selected leader’s character and the leadership style.

3. A review of the selected leadership model.

4. Application of the reviewed model in 3 above to the film to critique the (a)

leader and follower/s behavior, and (b) the contextual factors in the film.

5. conclude containing your views on how changing the role of the leader and

followers behavior. And contextual situation the film could lead to RL outcomes.

6. References

 What is the leader’s history and how might it have affected his/her concept of


  •  What is the vision of the leader?

  •  What responsible leadership messages are evident in the leader? 

  •  How does the leader make responsible decisions and solve problems?

  •  How do the stakeholders view the selected leader’s leadership behavior?
  •  What effect does the context have on responsible leadership decisions and


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