a copy of the full brief given by the Module Leader (with the signed coversheet)



Coursework Policies


1.                 All coursework submitted must include


a.               a copy of the full brief given by the Module Leader (with the signed coversheet)

b.                 all source material must be cited in the text and a full bibliography of source material  

           (including author, title, publisher and date) listed at the end of the submission

c.                   a copy of the Originality Report from Turnitin.


2.                   All work must be submitted in the mode instructed by the Module Leader.


3.                   Work submitted under the student’s name must only be the work of that student.  All information sources must be acknowledged.  Plagiarism is a serious offence and will render offenders liable to disciplinary action as set out in the rules and regulation of the institution.


4.                   All assignments will need to be submitted to Turnitin as it is a tool to check your work for potential plagiarism or collusion offences.


5.                  Students MUST keep a copy of all submitted work for reference purposes prior to the original being handed in and returned.  This will provide proof that the work was completed, in the event that the work goes astray.


6.                  Whenever a candidate submits work after approved deadline without an authorised extension, a mark of zero (0%) will be awarded.  Module Leader may comment on the quality of the work for learning purposes.


7.                  Requests for extensions of submission deadlines must be made in writing prior to the submission deadline to the Module Leader and must be supported by documentary evidence.


Grading Criteria Used To Assess Work



Range of marks

Grading Descriptors


80 – 100


·   Exceptionally high-quality work

·   Excellent command in the subject matter

·   Showing excellent knowledge

·   Tightly argued work

·   Well formulated arguments based on the strong and authentic evidences such as diagrams, tables, charts etc.

·   High level of innovativeness and creativity

·   Originality of work and excellent critical thinking

·   Excellent communication and presentation skills



75 – 79


70 – 74


·   Medium to high quality work

·   A very good command in the subject matter

·   Showing a very good knowledge

·   Well argued work

·   A very well-presented evidences such as diagrams, tables, charts etc.

·   Evidence of innovativeness

·   Little originality of work and good critical thinking

·   Good communication and presentation skills



65 – 69


60 – 64


55 – 59


·   Work of acceptable quality

·   Knows the subject at acceptable level

·   Showing a basic knowledge and understanding

·   Acceptable form of presented evidences such as diagrams, tables, charts etc.

·   Very little originality of work

·   Adequate communication and presentation skills



50 – 54


45 – 49


·   Work of unacceptable level

·   Lack of knowledge in the subject

·   Lack of necessary knowledge and understanding

·   Disorganised presentation of evidences such as diagrams, tables, charts etc.

·   No originality of work and critical thinking

·   Poor communication and presentation skills



40 – 44


30 – 39


0 – 29


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