A crime scene including material information evidence and physical evidence



A crime scene including material information evidence and physical evidence that can be used to develop a case without an expert's examination. Explain how to collect terrorism evidence, pack it up, and ship itto the lab. The concept of an investigative task force and how they work together even indifferent jurisdictions proving to be most helpful in terrorism cases wherevast amounts of area may be involved (air transport, mail, trans-nationale-mail, etc.). An ideal operational situation for a task force involved in a bombexplosion right outside the city limits of Chicago that is similar to anexplosion just two weeks prior in Milwaukee? Steps would use totry to connect both bombings and the ramifications of a possible serial bomberto capture in two jurisdictions. The many bits of information that a mail cover might develop. Tell what thebest kind of mail cover is and how that which is on the outside of a target'smail can be utilized legally. The role of the crime laboratory's responsibilities in terrorism investigation and explain how the investigator must go the extra steps needed to obtainvaluable evidence.

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