A description of the business, or organisational, or user problem that the project intends to solve (the problem statement);

computer science


Title of Project

§  PROJECT THEME: An ecommerce application , a topic with potential for further developing and publication

Abstract of the project


§  Use up to 500 words to describe your project

In a paragraph or two, discuss a bit of background to the reason that led to you choosing your particular project. Ideally your project is being done to solve a problem. Therefore use this section to provide:

1.    A short background of the industry where your project fits in;

2.    A description of the business, or organisational, or user problem that the project intends to solve (the problem statement);

3.    A description of how the project will solve the problem (justifying the need for this project).





Description of your artefact

§  Context of project with reference to relevant existing products, services and work (i.e. how does your artefact relate to what other people have done)

  1. Discuss if there are other existing or similar products currently available
  2. Name a few of the top ones
  3. Discuss some of the drawbacks of these, if any
  4. Discuss some aspects of your project that makes it unique or different from the others


§  Aim & objectives of the project

The Project Aim is an advancement of the title of your project.

For the project aim, use a sentence or two to summarize the purpose of your project.

An excellent project aim should:

  1.             Specify the application that you intend to develop and
  2.             Incorporate a few techniques you would be implementing to give the                   impression of a sophisticated solution.


§  List of features that the artefact will include

The functional requirements tells us what the various features that the proposed system you are developing will include. You may choose to categorize these as:

  1. Core Functional Requirements (these are basic requirements that are ideally considered mandatory in the system and easier to develop)
  2. Advanced Functional Requirements (these requirements are considered as “nice to have” and are considered more complex to develop but will yield a more sophisticated solution.


§  Identify added value that the project provides

Discuss some of the advantages that your project is intended to bring should your project be implemented.


§  Identify the intellectual challenges involved


What methodology (structured process) will you be following to realise your artefact?

§  Describe approach that will be employed to develop your project artefact (this should also show how you plan to test and evaluate the work)

§  Justify the appropriateness and suitability of your approach for realising your artefact

How does your project relate to your degree course and build upon the units/knowledge you have studied/acquired

§  Highlight aspects of the project that correlate with knowledge and skills acquired from your course of study


§  List ALL the resources required to develop your artefact

§  Be clear on which packages, tools, languages and environments will be used and

§  Xampp, visual studio code, git would be used, language php, sql , html, css







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