A literature review of Stock Prediction with Natural Language Processing (Solved)

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Below is the idea I described for my project proposal. We have to write a literature review on this idea. We have to select 10 papers. I have selcted 5-6 and can paste the links here. The writer will have to understand my project idea and then read papers and write the review.

The library management system is a tool to organise the library automatically without requiring human intervention to issue books, track record of books in library, and perform day to day actions required to maintain and run a library. Our software solution will systematically keep track of all the books in the library, by storing the section name, rack number, row number, etc that is the essential data required to locate any book in the library. 

It will allow students and other users of the library to issue the book by scanning the barcode on the book. Our system will send the student a notification to remind them to return back the book on due date and simultaneously inform the librarian as well. 

Students can also search and find the number of available editions of all the books in the library using a tab application that shall be available at the reception of the library.
The aim of the project is to automate all the processes in the library and reduce the effort of the library staff and increasing the efficiency of book issuing process in the library 

Additionally what can be done is to store the books issued by students and recommend them to issue similar books based on their selection. 

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