A new administrative system or review an existing system




Within a real or simulated business context, you will plan a new administrative system or review

an existing system.

You will need to:

  •  consult with users or stakeholders to develop a detailed specification for the new or revised

the system, which must meet both organizational needs and external requirements such as

codes of practice and legislation

  •  follow organizational procurement policies to select an appropriate developer or supplier
  •  prepare detailed planning for the implementation of the system, including communication,

training and risk management activities.


1. In consultation with your assessor, nominate (a) an appropriate workplace context and (b)

an administrative systems project to undertake to meet assessment requirements set out

in this document. You may choose:

a. the creation of a new administrative system, such as an electronic or paper-based

a system, for example, accounting systems, leave approval systems, expense approval

systems, recordkeeping systems or any other appropriate and agreed to system

b. revision of an existing system

c. new or existing system in a simulated business as determined in agreement with

your assessor.

2. In consultation with users and stakeholders, establish the need for, and identify the

requirements of, the new or modified administrative system. System requirements and

considerations may include, for example:

a. size of the system

b. number and type of users

c. purpose and nature of system

d. ease-of-use versus complexity

  • capability and


  • compliance


  •  cost constraints.

Consider the overall purpose of the system and at least two system options or alternative

versions of the system capable of satisfying organizational requirements.

Research system options and collect evidence to submit to your assessor of evaluating

options and establishing the accuracy and relevancy of information. Collect meeting

minutes, emails or other correspondence as evidence of consultation and consideration of

system options.

Develop a detailed list of final specifications. Include in your specifications compliance with

at least one specific code of practice or legislative requirement.

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