A project based on research that will end in a recommendation report, which is the last assignment in the course.



                                                         Assignment 5:  Proposal Report (20%)

The Task:

Prepare a 1,200 word proposal for a project based on research that will end in a recommendation report, which is the last assignment in the course. 

Proposals can be fun to write, as long as you have a topic that truly engages your interest and you can locate materials for research. The psychology is like this: you skate out over thin ice, but you are confident because you have done enough research already  to know you can do the job.

Getting Started:

Your first step will be to locate a topic that will serve for both the proposal and the recommendation report. The topic should be researchable, problem based, and directed toward workable solutions to issues and concerns in the workplace.  You will need a main idea (like a thesis statement for an essay).

 Suggested topics might include:

a)       harassment, sexual discrimination, and racism at work (descriptions of situations, definitions of terms and problems, and ways to deal with and prevent  occurences);

b)      shrinkage in retail outlets (definitions, examples, systems to track it, ways to prevent it)

c)       motivating employees in challenging workplaces (ways to handle potential downsizing, closures, firings, unfair promotions, negative attitudes, and depression/discouragement in workers)

d)      weight watchers or recovery groups at work: a good idea?

e)      community violence as it impacts workplace (for example, employees being attacked en route to places of employment)

f)       bad weather conditions and jobs that require driving or flying ( how to deal with situations of lost revenue or vehicle/aircraft mechanical failure)

g)      secrets of the best customer service (is this a lost cause? Have businesses forgotten the need for courtesy?)

As with any research tasks, you will need to start with a few basic research questions relating to the topic and then search for information that will help you to answer these questions.

Describing situations and then analyzing problems will be your focus in this task.  Make best use of both academic and practical research skills. Your own experience is also relevant.

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