A properly formatted heading; sentence and paragraph spacing; a properly formatted running head; properly formatted margins.



Literary Analysis 2 - Official 25%


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WORTH 100 POINTS!!!!!!!


It depends on how you connect with the literature. Remember, a topic is created as you:

Read the literature
Connect with "something" about it
Are able to identify what that "something" is
Develop that "something" whether it is one word, a phrase, or a thought, into a topic that will be the basis for a thesis statement
Create a working thesis statement

English 1302:

>>>MODULE 3<<<<<

Essay Specs

POV: Third person ONLY
Minimum Word Count: 1,750 words
Format: MLA format
consult AND study this source to see how your paper should be set-up.
Do not assume you know how to set up your paper. Confirm the
expectations by looking at this source).
 (Links to an external site.)
Assignment Type: Essay Two
The topic of your essay is completely up to you. HOWEVER the essay must
summarize and analyze a primary source we have been assigned From
module 3. 

Additional Instructions: You
are required to borrow material from the primary source. Avoiding
including borrowed material in the introduction and the conclusion. 


You are required to borrow material from at least 3 secondary sources. 


Ensure that there is at least two elements of borrowed material,
cited, in each body paragraph of your essay. One element should be from
the primary source, the other from a secondary source.
is very important. Essays failing to include borrowed material,
formatted correctly, and not cited, will receive no less than a 15 point


From Reading to Topic to Thesis to Focused Essay

class I did a short exercise showing you how to go from reading to
identifying a topic, to developing a thesis on that topic, to staying
focused throughout the essay. 

Attached is the sample of that work: 

Drafting the essay, Word Format: English - Essay Drafting.docx



Essay One - 15% of our overall grade. (1)
Essay One - 15% of our overall grade. (1)
Criteria Ratings Pts
Proper format is required. That means that MLA format must be followed to the letter. Use your Purdue Owl resource to ensure you are meeting the expectations of: A properly formatted heading; sentence and paragraph spacing; a properly formatted running head; properly formatted margins.

30.0 pts
Essay Mode/Purpose
Ensure that you have read all materials given and that you are writing, incorporating the characteristics and you are meeting the purpose of the essay mode assigned.

20.0 pts
Grammar and mechanics
Ensure that you are checking your grammar, sentence structure, the mechanics of your essay, and punctuation. Paragraphs should be indented. There should be no more than 1 error every three sentences and there should be no fragments, comma splices, and or run-on sentences.

10.0 pts
Your essay should have a theme (easily interpreted throughout the essay) and or thesis (one sentence statement addressing the overall main idea of the essay and located in the introductory paragraph), depending on the mode of the essay.

Your essay should be engaging, academic in tone and language, avoiding jargon and colloquialisms. Your sentences should be written clearly and logically and the essay must have a logical and sequential structure in terms of the ideals and information presented.

Each body paragraph should have one and only one main idea and each body paragraph should have appropriate transitional sentences.

35.0 pts
Supplemental page
The Supplemental page is included with your essay and is the last page of the essay submitted.

5.0 pts
Total Points: 100.0

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