Alcohol Abuse and Dependence Assignment Help



  1. Write a 750-word paper detailing your experience at an AA 12-step meeting during the semester. You will visit an open meeting and if asked introduce yourself as a student attending the meeting as part of a class on alcohol addiction. Do not take notes, recordings, or pictures during the experience. The paper will be a personal account of your actual in-person encounter and not online.
  • Format
  • Separate title page 
  • 12-point font
  • Numbered pages 
  • One-inch margins  
  • Scoring Guidelines
  • Clear concise writing style with no grammatical errors - 25%
  • participation in experiential exercise - 25%
  • accurate representation of personal experience - 25%
  • Discussion of impact with and relation to course material - 25%
  • This essay can be in the first person. This is supposed to be me going to an AA meeting and writing about it. Do you understand fully of what I need?

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