An information resource on a prezi presentation.

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create an information resource on a prezi presentation 
The Project is to develop ONE information resource, i.e. you only have to pick one of the types - or even come up with your own if you are creative.
The following information and links provide examples of various types of information resources along with the tools and techniques to create them.
Prezi Presentation
Prezi is a free and easy to use presentation tool that enables you to create visually engaging and unique presentations with little technical knowledge. A Zooming User Interface technique allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media, and allows users to display and navigate through information.
There are thousands of Prezi presentation examples on the Prezi official web site and instructional videos on YouTube. Some examples include -
You can view the following links to learn the basic technique for creating a Prezi presentation:
The Prezi Desktop Software
Because i need it graphical and it should be an information resource go through the requirement above and there is an example as well Please go through it
prezi is not the requirement you can do it in other softwares as well if u want i can upload the full document 

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