An Inquiry Letter (choose one) (here you represent a company)



1. An Inquiry Letter (choose one) (here you represent a company) 2. a Sales Letter (choose one) (here you represent a company or yourself as a private individual) 3. a “Bad News” Customer Relations Letter (choose one) (here you represent a company) 4. and rewrite the “Complaint” Customer Relations Letter (here you represent a company). 1. Write a letter of inquiry to a utility company, a safety or health care agency, or a company in your town, and ask for a brochure or an annual report describing its services to the community. Be specific about your reasons for requesting the information. 2. Choose one of the following, and write a sales letter addressed to an appropriate reader on why he or she should a. work for the same company you do b. move to your neighborhood c. take a vacation where you did last year d. dine at a particular restaurant e. use a particular cell phone service f. have a car repaired at a specific garage g. use the services of a particular real estate agency h. use your company’s new website when ordering replacement parts

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