Analysis of Letter from Birmingham Jail

general article writing


Write a short summary (minimum 300 words) of one of the readings below, along with a bulleted list of at least four important points from the reading that includes quotations with page numbers and a short analysis of each point explaining why you think it’s important to the argument(s) the author is making and/or connecting it to other ideas presented in class or in other readings. At the end (or at the beginning) of your summary paragraph, you should state the key argument(s) made in your selection.

This assignment must be typed, double-spaced, and include the following:

  • minimum 300-word summary paragraph that captures the complexities of the selected argument
  • four supporting points with citations listed separately in a bulleted list below the summary paragraph
  • 11–12 point font size
  • one-inch margins
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter from Birmingham Jail” 
  • Below is the "Letter from Birmingham Jail" IT MUST BE CITED IN THE TEXT USE QUOTES
  • Also is an attached sample paper of what it should look like!!

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