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This assignment implements the design of the problem model essay of case study analysis presented in chapter 10 of the text. The student will analyze a case on the issues faced by Lululemon, Inc., preparing and supporting an action plan that the company should follow going forward to recover from its earlier missteps

Materials Required:

William, E. (2007). The case study handbook; How to read, discuss, and write persuasively about cases. Harvard Business School Press.

  • Chapters 9 and 10
  • Note that students will need to purchase a bundle of case studies for the course from the publisher (Ivey Publishing) in which this case is included. Follow the instructions here to obtain the Ivey business case bundle before proceeding with this Unit's assignment.
  1. Review chapters 9 and 10 from the Ellet text.
  2. Make notes on the structure of a persuasive problem essay. Be sure to include the four parts of a persuasive essay and the four parts of a problem essay (some are the same).
  3. Analyze the Lululemon case from the Business Case Analysis bundle, using the guidelines set out in Chapters 8 and 9 of the Ellet text.
  4. Write a paper (1500 words, double spaced, not including the title page or reference page). Support your argument with at least three scholarly sources as well as other sources. Include the following:
  5. briefly present the background of the case
  6. define the problem that Lululemon and its leadership face
  7. discuss your analysis, including your diagnosis of the problem
  8. your proof of causes
  9. your action plan

“Lululemon Athletica Inc.,” Ivey Publishing, 2014


Preparation: How to Write a Case-Based Essay

Submission:  A Case Study Analysis – Problem Essay

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