Analytical Business Communications Report



As for a local business I can select one near where I m located and give you the website for information to complete the assignment. 

​Take this business and website 
B&A ARCHERY in Northeast Philadelphia, Pa.

202D 001

Analytical Business Communications Report


You will write an Analytical Report that delves into and discusses, and analyses, the

business communications of a local business. You will examine all of the

communications publically available: advertising (signs, billboards,

radio/tv/newspaper/internet ads, yellow pages listings, et cetera), and any public

documents: (websites, Facebook pages, menus, flyers, mailers, info-packets, et cetera).

Be resourceful. But if you’re having trouble finding enough material, choose a new

business, or talk to me about it, and we’ll see what we can do.


Your business report should include the following sections:

Title Page:

- The title page should include your name, my name, the course name and section,

the date, and the name of the business on which you’re reporting.

Executive Summary:

- This serves as a small summary of the whole report. It should include a brief

overview of the report’s purpose, findings, conclusions, and recommendations.


- The introduction should provide some background information, and it should

discuss the purpose and scope of the report. It should also provide an outline of

what’s to come in the rest of the report.


- This is the heart of your report. You should talk about how you went about

doing your research and analysis, and what your findings were. And then you

should provide a full discussion of your findings. This is a discussion, and it

should be written in paragraphs, NOT bullet-points.


- The conclusion should provide a summary of the report’s findings. Write the

conclusions section in a series of bullet-points. Each point should provide a brief

summary of an issue with the business communications of the business you’re


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