Animation Programs-Discuss the relationship between a parameter and an argument

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Unit 3 Assignment: Animation Programs – Using Parameters Unit outcomes:  Define a parameter.  Use a parameter in a method (procedure).  Discuss the relationship between a parameter and an argument. Course outcome(s) practiced in this unit: IT111-2: Apply the programming constructs of parameters and arguments. Problem: Grimm exercises. The fantasy characters in Grimm stories want to change their public image (which is slovenly, overweight, and aggressive). They want to become more physically fit and friendly characters. With this in mind, Sam (Ogre) and Bill (Troll) are starting an exercise class for the Grimm community. Create an animation where Sam and Bill demonstrate knee bend exercises. Initial Scene: In the Scene Editor, create an initial fantasy scene. Your scene does not have to look like the one shown but can use any fantasy objects you choose to use. Be creative with the scene. However, it must have two fantasy characters, Sam (Ogre) and Bill (Troll) in the fantasy setting of your choice. You will find the Ogre class and the Troll class under the Biped class. Give the Ogre object you create the name Sam. Give the Troll object you create the name, Bill. Once you have created your scene, save the world as GrimmExercise. 

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