Annotated Bibliography Entries assignment help



Please follow the guideline for annotated Bibliography because my teacher requires it and references. 

I have two files for annotated bibliography and my paper and please do on time before due 9:00 a.m tomorrow.

I key list. 

Checklist for the Annotated Bibliography Entries

  •  Part 1: The citation information.
  • Part 2: A short statement of the author’s viewpoint.
  • Part 3: A short summary of the theory, research findings or argument.
  • Part 4: Usefulness and/or limitations of the text for your research.
  •  Part 5: Evaluative comment on the work that will fit into your research on a topic.
  • Finish all the entries (at least 3 citation information)
  •  Uploaded on time.
  •   Written assignments are spell and grammar checked.
  •   Uploaded work in document.  If not, then it will be given a grade of zero.

Do you get me?

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