Annotated Webliography.

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Annotated Webliography (30% of Final Grade

There is a great deal of information available on the web and you can do a lot of research from your

computer. However, not everything on the web is acceptable for academic research. This

assignment will help you evaluate sites that you find on the free web.

Before you start your paper, read the UMUC Library guidelines for evaluating web resources to help

determine whether the contents are of high quality and acceptable for college-level academic


Then, using a search engine of your choice (e.g., Google or Bing), find six websites that are

acceptable for academic research. UMUC library databases (for example JSTOR or other journal

databases), Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia or wiki-type site like are NOT

acceptable, sites that require a subscription are additionally NOT acceptable.  Think outside of the

box on this assignment.  For example British Movietone News has uploaded almost 48,000 videos of

their newsreels covering the period 1929 to the present onto YouTube.  Many governments,

including the U.S. National Archives and British Archives, have started to digitize their holdings. 

Also, newspapers such as New York Times have archives going back to the 19 th century. 

Remember, the news is the first draft of history.

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