Anthropology class assignment

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Below is a list of five key terms/objectives that are considered important concepts with which you should leave this class. Possessing a good understanding of these concepts will help to you understand yourself and others long after you complete this course.

For each of the five key terms/objectives listed below:

  • Provide a definition of the term(s).
  • Discuss why the concept is important in anthropological research.
  • Provide an example of this concept from your personal experiences or your daily life.
  • Cite your reference sources using in-text source citations and a complete reference list in APA format.
  1. Nonverbal communication
  2. Art
  3. Symbols
  4. Display rules
  5. Folk ethnography

The Book I am using for the class is : Seeing Anthropology..Cultural Anthropology Through Film By Karl G. Heider

You can use web sources but incase you can find the book online that helps !

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