AP/PHIL 3575 3.00 Introduction to Bioethics Fall 2019



Pick one of the two questions below. This short argumentative essay is 1500-2000 words in length (not including bibliography and title page) and worth 30% of your final mark. 2000 words is your maximum limit. It must include a thesis statement and an argument defending it. Define all key terms. In defending your thesis, acknowledge and attempt to rebut some counter-arguments to the position you take.

 Specify the relevance of any general normative theories or other approaches to moral reasoning where relevant. See the handbook for writing a philosophy essay noted below. The essay must be typed, double-spaced and include a title page. The title page must contain your name, the course title as written above, the title of your paper, my name, the date of submission, and a word count. All quotations and sources should be cited as either footnotes, endnotes or embedded references. 

You must use two outside sources (articles or book chapters) besides the course text. Feel free to use articles or sections in the course text that are not listed as required readings in the syllabus if they are relevant to your analysis. Include a bibliography for all sources you cite in the paper on a separate page at the end of your essay. The title page and bibliography are not included in your word count. 

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