Application: Physical Architecture (Solved)



Unit 7 Assignment


Application: Physical Architecture

The first step in designing a system’s physical architecture is determining its nonfunctional, or quality, requirements. You then decide how to structure the architecture to meet those requirements. Should it be server-based, in which all application functions happen on the server; client-based, in which only data storage occurs on the server; or client-server, in which the functions are balanced between the server and the client? In this Application, consider the nonfunctional requirements for one type of system and assess their effect on your choices for the architecture.

Many corporate and education organizations use a learning management system (LMS) to deliver online courses to their customers or employees. Consider a system of this type with which you are familiar, such as Walden University’s course system.

In a 2- to 3-page paper, describe your chosen system and develop at least eight nonfunctional (quality) requirements for it. Include at least one requirement related to each of the following categories: operations, performance, security, culture, and organizational politics. How do the nonfunctional requirements affect your architectural choices? Describe the physical architecture of this system and explain how it accommodates those quality requirements.

Support your analysis with specific examples from your readings, research, and professional experience (if applicable).

Cite your sources according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment by Day 7.

Use this rubric to estimate your grade on the assignment.

Unit 7 Assignment

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