Appropriate Use of Health Information



Assignment 2 Dropbox: Appropriate Use of Health Information Assignment 2: Appropriate Use of Health Information (Paper) 30% of Total Grade The introduction of the electronic health record and the use of other information and communication technologies have provided nurses and other healthcare professionals a more effective way of maintaining and communicating personal health information. However, this increased access to information at the point-of-care increases the nurse’s responsibility to maintain confidentiality of health information. There are several ways that a nurse using information technology may inadvertently breach confidentiality. What are the safeguards that need to be in place to support nurses in the appropriate use of health information? Accordingly, the purpose of this assignment is to support your critical thinking regarding the appropriate use and access to a person’s health information. Scenario: Your manager, knowing that you are completing a course on nursing informatics asks that you share with her information on practices that support protection of patient information. In this assignment, you will:  Discuss why protection of the privacy of health information is important.  Discuss the legislation governing protection of health information in Ontario.  Reflect on the practices in place regarding protection of health information in a healthcare setting in which you have experience (e.g., currently practice or have practiced previously in an employed or student capacity).  Make recommendations on actions that can be taken in the practice setting to strengthen the practices to support protection of health information. Evaluation Criteria for Assignment 2  Articulate why privacy of health information is important (3 marks)  Describe the legal requirements set out in the legislation to protect privacy (3 marks)  Discuss practices established in your practice setting to protect privacy of health information (3 marks)  Articulate and provide rationale for 4 actions that can be taken by nurses to strengthen practices that support protection of health information (8 marks)  Provide evidence of application of course concepts from Units 4 to 7 and include references to sources (e.g., journal articles, web-based materials) beyond those offered in the course materials (3 marks) Include accurate APA (6th edition) formatting including: 

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