Are the scores listed on the table consistent with the ones discussed in the report?



Checklist/Rubric for report writing



o   Did I include a signed INFORMED CONSENT form?


Proofing, editing:

o   Did I make sure that I used the correct test taker name consistently through the report?

o   Are the scores listed on the table consistent with the ones discussed in the report?

o   Did I spellcheck?

o   Are my sentences grammatically correct?


Required format:

o   Did I use the required report writing format?


Report turn in

o   For turning in, did I place the written report inside of the record form?


o   Did I include all raw data, from all tests used?



o   Is my scoring accurate?


o   Did I show all client responses in writing?


Did I?


o   Include a print out of the Compuscore, if I did not hand score?


o   Include identifying information?


o   List the referral questions?


o   Behavioral observations? Age



o   Did I follow the required structure and organizational format?


o   Body of the report:


5 paragraphs


o   paragraph #1:

Did I write about the-

o   Scores

o   Learning style


o   Paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 5:Did I begin with the person’s strength?

o   Did I work my way back to the person’s least developed skill?


o   Within each paragraph did I start with the strength or highest score and work my way back to the weakness?


o   Did I write three sentences for each subtest?:  


o   subtest score

o   What the subtest assesses

o   A behavioral observation

Paragraph 6: Summary


o   Did I repeat the person’s age and make a few general statements about the person’s behavior?


o   Did I repeat the VCI,  PRI, WMI, PSI, FSIQ scores?


o   Did I discuss the learning style?



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