Assignment #1: Entertainment Study Exercises



346 Spring 2016

Assignment #1: Entertainment Study Exercises

The goal of this assignment is to get you thinking about how the entire experience of

entertainment can impact you in ways that you do not necessarily even notice. This assignment,

then, focuses less on the actual entertainment you are having and more on the aspects

surrounding that entertainment. In other words, if you’re going to see a movie, this exercise isn’t

about the movie—it’s about what you experience, beginning to end, during the process of seeing

that movie.

This assignment consists of 5 different entertainment experiences. For each experience,

your job is to write a three-page document that starts with answering the questions listed below

for each exercise. However, do not allow those questions to be the end of what you write—use

them as a way of launching your thoughts to larger ideas and questions. Let the questions

below spark your own thoughts about what could be done that would be more effective or

impacting to you, for instance, or what you would do yourself that you think might have a

stronger impact.

Ultimately, writing about these five experiences is designed to get you out of the mode of

being a passive consumer of entertainment and put you in a more directly critical, observational

state of mind. Best grades will come from those who use these questions as a way of really

thinking about how pervasive—and persuasive—entertainment can actually be.

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