Assignment Brief: Heat Exchanger Technical Guide



Assignment Brief: Heat Exchanger Technical Guide


You should expect to spend approximately 50 hours on this assignment in order to fully meet all the requirements

Heat exchangers are used in a wide range of industiral applications. There are two main reasons for carrying out analysis on these devices. One is to design an installation for a given set of operating conditions; the result of this analysis provides the size of the device that is requred. The second main reason for carrying out analysis of heat exchangers is to rate the device; this would be carried out on a heat exchanger that already exists in order to identify the levels of heat exchange that may be achieved. 

You are to produce a technical guide for both the classification and the design of a shell and tube heat exchanger (STHE) to be used for reference purposes. 

The document should assume that the reader has technical competence but is a novice in heat exchanger principles and has had no prior exposure to the specific terminology involved in this area. 

The guide should provide: 

 A brief overview of the history and applications of industrial heat exchangers in general and STHE devices in particular 

 Insight into any national and global standard that may apply to the design, construction, configuration and analysis of STHEs 

 Reference should be made to the mechanical and manufacturing design considerations but the emphasis should be on thermal design   A comprehensive list of references and resources that the reader may access should they wish to expand on their understanding of the subject

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