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BM380 Marketing Research

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Case 1

Objective: Select the appropriate research design.

You have just graduated from college and are a newly hired researcher trainee at Georgia Metro

Research. You have been asked to determine the appropriate research design for two new clients,

as follows.

Client A is a consumer packaged goods manufacturer with a well-established brand name. The

client has focused on manufacturing and distribution for years while the marketing program has

been set on “auto pilot.” All had worked fine, though there was a hint of emerging problems

when, in the preceding year, market share had fallen slightly. Now, our client has just reviewed

the current market share report and notices that over the previous 12 months, its share has

gradually eroded 15%. When market share falls, clients are eager to learn why and to take

corrective action. In these situations we know immediately the problem is that we don’t know

what the problem is. There are many possible causes for this slippage. You need to determine the

research design needed.

Client B is in a very competitive category with equal market share of the top three brands. Our

client is convinced that it has changed every marketing mix variable possible except for package

design. Since the three competitive brands are typically displayed side-by-side, the client wants

us to determine what factors of package design (e.g., size, shape, color, texture) cause an

increase in awareness, preference for, and intention to buy the brand. What do you recommend

for the appropriate research design?

1. What research design would you recommend for each of these clients?

2. For the research design you selected for each client, explain why you believe your choice

of design is the correct choice.

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