It's normally articulated that there are no industry standards or benchmarks in RFID.

Truth be told, there are some entrenched standards and a couple developing standards. We are

considering the RFID standards in the auto (or automotive) industry. Standards are basic for

some RFID usage applications, for example, installment systems and tracking products or

reusable compartments in public supply chains. A lot of work has been going ahead over the

previous decade to create norms for various RFID applications and frequencies. There are

some proposed and existing RFID guidelines that arrangement with the " Air Interface"

convention (the routine readers and tags correspondence), information content (the way

information is sorted out or designed), conformance (approaches to test that items fulfill the

standard) and applications (how principles are utilized on shipping marks, for instance) (Sen,

Das, & Sen, 2009) . In this paper, we will examine that Auto-industry has proposed an RFID

tag information structure permitting tire makers to utilize both existing information identifiers

and Electronic Product Code.

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