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Please choose one company and explain how to get its first 100 customers. (ex-world of the mouth) with references)


I have chosen Baremetrics Company, and here, I will define how this company gets its

first 100 customers.

The hidden weapon and a hotspot for the huge dominant part of Baremetrics' first clients

were Twitter. Twitter was the medium, and the genuine mode was word-of-mouth. And what

drove the word-of-mouth. Why have a huge number of individuals felt constrained to share a

business tool in a moderately little specialty? Pain, to some extent, has an impact on about each

business choice you make. That is the thing that Baremetrics accomplished for business, and it's

the reason anybody has joined, and why they keep entering. It's reason Baremetrics got their first

100 clients, and it's the reason it is getting more (Scripted, 2017) .

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