Because of downsizing and layoffs at her regional insurance office, Pat has become the manager of a new department.



LEADING TEAMS for LDS      Final Assignment Case Study 

Because of downsizing and layoffs at her regional insurance office, Pat has become the manager of a new department.  Previously she had managed the Claims Department for Auto Insurance but now she has been assigned to manage the Homeowner’s Insurance Claims Department as well. The recent layoffs in both departments have caused a great deal of anxiety and concern for the remaining staff. Now she has been instructed to unify the two separate departments into one team unit based upon a team management approach. It has also been years since Pat has worked in Homeowner’s Insurance Claims and she needs to catch up quickly.  Pat must forge a strong and unified team in the claim’s area in the days and weeks to come.

Question 1 

In this course, five types of teams were discussed, and they are

Troubleshooting or Problems Solving team

Policy-making team

Action team or task force

Cross-functional team

Self-directed work team 

Part A 

Describe each team type and where each would be most useful.  

Part B 

List 2 types of teams that Pat should create and explain why they would be the most effective types of teams in this situation?


Question 2 

Pat would like the teams to develop performance dimensions to be used to evaluate team effectiveness. List and describe 5 dimensions that you would include in a team evaluation checklist and why each would be included. How would each performance dimension be measured? 

Question 3 

Once teams have been established, Pat will want to work with the teams to maintain a high level of performance and collaboration.  List and describe five ways that she could do this.  

Question 4 

The people that make up the teams have worked in separate departments for several years and it is likely that there will be some distrust of the team process. List and describe four ways that Pat can overcome this distrust of the team. 

Question 5 

In the insurance business, as in most organizations, it is important that team members behave in an ethical way. 

Part A 

As the department manager, Pat may have to make decisions that concern ethical situations. This course provided an Ethical Decision-Making Checklist that included 4 steps that Pat could use to make an ethical decision.  What are those 4 steps? Describe some possible actions or activities that would help Pat complete each of the steps. 

Part B 

What are 5 things that Pat could do to ensure that team members behave ethically?

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