Begin with an introduction that explains the topic of the essay and presents a thesis statement.




· Begin with an introduction that explains the topic of the essay and presents a thesis statement. A strong thesis statement presents a claim and directly addresses the essay prompt.

 · Next, provide supporting evidence to prove your thesis statement. Provide convincing detail. Explain the relevant historical context for each historical example / evidence presented in support of your thesis. If the essay prompt asks for three examples, address each example in a thorough paragraph.

 · Finally, end with a conclusion that provides a restatement of your thesis (this is different than re-writing your introductory thesis statement), emphasizes key evidence, and offers an inspiring, strong final thought / point.


B. Citing at least three examples, explain how your understanding of US History changed as a result of completing History 330.

 C. Which three eras most significantly transformed the lives of American women? Consider how race, class, and gender expectations influenced women’s experience in each era.

 D. Which three women most significantly influenced women’s lives in US History? Select three examples of women studied this semester in History 330.

Your essay will be scored according to the following rubric:








I. Thesis &



Introduction clearly addresses the prompt and includes a strong thesis statement.


Introduction addresses essay prompt and provides a solid thesis.  


Introduction and/or thesis statement may benefit from revision and clarification.

II. Evidence: 


Supporting evidence addresses three examples in accurate and convincing detail. Explains context and includes relevant details about the evidence / examples.


Supporting evidence includes three examples with accurate and convincing details.  May benefit from more development and / or minor clarifications.


May not include sufficient detail and accurate evidence to convincingly support thesis. 


Organization and Clarity:


Well organized and clearly written. Evidence is presented in well- formed paragraphs. Ends with a strong conclusion that restates thesis, emphasizes key evidence, and offers a final thought about significance of essay topic. 


Well organized and clearly written, with a few minor points that may benefit from clarification.  Ends with a strong conclusion.  Clarification or deeper development may benefit overall strength of essay.


Essay may need more clarification and development to thoroughly address essay prompt in convincing detail.

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