Best action movie ever- Mad Max: Fury Road article assignment help

general article writing



1.     Paper Topic: Choose One of the following options: a. What is the best action movie ever?

b. What is the best movie that is a comedy ever?

2.      Format:

a.  Use a title page displaying your name, course section, and title of your paper

b. Your paper content should be two pages long using 1.5 spacing and size 12 font of your choosing

c.  Citing Sources - please use a superscript number in your text following your quote or cited information and then either pla.ce the full citation in the footer of that page or create sources page at the end of your paper. Make sure that you provide enough information in your citation for me to find you exact resources.

3.     Writing Considerations:

a.  Place your conclusion or summary statement at the beginning of your paper like discussed in the HBR reading.

b. Support your position with evidence - quantitative or qualitative - good to use a mix of both.

c.  Make sure to explain/discuss how your evidence supports your position.

d. Keep it clear, simple and direct but make sure to explain yourself thoroughly.

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