biometric technologies for security

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Assess arguments for and against the use o biometric technologies for security, especially in airports and large stadiums. Should biometric technologies such as face-recognition programs and iris scanners be used in public places to catch criminals? In the post-September 11 world, there is much more support for these technologies than there was when biometrics were used at the Super Bowl XXXV in January 2001. Granted that such technologies can help the government to catch criminals and suspected terrorists, what kinds of issues do they raise from a civil liberties perspective? Compare the arguments for and against the use of biometric technologies in tracking down criminals to arguments we examined for and against computerized record matching in our discussion of privacy in Chapter 5. Do you support the use of biometrics in large, public gathering places? Defend your answer. Recall the arguments we examined in Section 8.1.3 to show how the software industry has tried to make its case for strong legal protection for software. Has protection for proprietary software gone too far, as some critics suggest? If so, what are the implications for innovation and competition in the computer industry? Please cite this paper in APA Format: (Author name, Year, Title and Publication) Please do not Plagiarise, This paper will be submitted to plagiarsim check and I will get in trouble if you do. Thanks

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