Brainstorm ideas for the plot of the story

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Narrative writing

This second Assessment for Learning is for feedback only, not marks. One way to improve your work is to share it with others and get their feedback. When you have finished this Assessment for Learning, you will share it with a friend or relative. That person will use the interactive rubric to highlight the phrases that best describe your work. There is no need for this person to be an expert on this subject. The rubric is easy to understand, so your friend or relative will have no problem using it to give you feedback.

1. Choose one of the images shown in this lesson. 2. Brainstorm ideas for the plot of the story. 3. Write a story (called a narrative) using the image to help you get started. The story should be 2-3 pages long. 4. Proofread your story and correct it as necessary. 5. When you are finished writing your narrative, write down what was easy and what was hard about writing it. 6. Show all your work to a friend or relative and let them use the rubric to assess your work. They should also add

comments in the comment boxes under the rubric. 7. Take a screenshot of their feedback on the rubric and add this screenshot and your story to your Portfolio folder.

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