Bridge Pier and Footing – As per attached Drawings.



Part A - Concrete & Formwork Required QUANTITY TAKE-OFF:

Bridge Pier and Footing – As per attached Drawings.

• Takeoff the 3 elements for the following bridge pier components:

1. Pier Footing,

2. Pier Column,

3. Pier Cap (Top).

• Misc Items to include Shear Key.

• Misc Items to exclude Rebar.

• Include the following Finishes:

1. Bearing Pad Surfaces (the complete top surface, not just the pads);

2. Concrete Sealing of ALL Exposed surfaces including 600mm below grade.

• Show all work on quantity take off sheets using proper order and numbering system

*Hint: There is an extra piece of Formwork for the Pier Cap (Soffit or Deck)*

Part ‘B’ - Concrete & Formwork PRICING:

Bridge Pier and Footing – As per Pricing Notes.

• Use the RECAP Sheet provided to complete,

• See attached Pricing Package,

• Show unit price calculations.

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