Build a multiple page website that contain JavaScript features. In addition to these requirements (up to 30% off the grade if this requirement is not met).

computer science


CSET3250 JavaScript project

Build a multiple page website that contain JavaScript features. In addition to these requirements (up to 30% off the grade if this requirement is not met).

1. Meets size criteria - 6-8 pages (10 pts)

2. The entire site must be built around a common CSS Box model (10 pts) for

consistent look and feel (5).

3. Incorporates an easy-to-use and consistent navigation toolset/Navigation bar

across the site (10 pts).

4. At least one form which uses at least 5 different types of form data entry

controls is incorporated into the site (10 pts). The form is to gather information

about the visitor. Use the CGI script from the class to display the info gathered by

the form in the visitor’s browser (5 pts).

5. External style sheets are used to control the overall look and feel of the entire

site (5 pts).

6. At least 3 CSS text effects need to be used (5 pts).

7. At least 3 CSS color/image effects need to be used

(5 pts)

8. Uses at least one JavaScript script to improve user interactivity with the site (5


9. Incorporates at least one floating box (5 pts) with appropriate border, shadow,

margin and padding. (5 pts).

10. Has links to at least 2 external websites (5 pts). All links cause the browser

to open the linked-to sites in a new instance of the browser.

11. A minimum of three appropriate images included on the site (5 pts).

12. Uses a multimedia clip with HTML5 (10 points)

13. Website content should be appropriate.

14. Correct spelling and grammar are employed throughout the site (with -1 for

each error spotted). Any inline styling is done via the style attribute. No

deprecated HTML elements (with -1 for each error spotted).

No broken links to images / external sites / etc. (-2 for each)

15. Overall evaluation of the site (10 points). An admittedly purely subjective

assessment of the work. A wide variety of questions to assess. For example: Is

the site interesting and consistent? Does it provide useful, contemporary

information? Does the site “look good”? Do the parts and pieces fit together? Is

there real meat and content there? Is the site just a re-hack of work the student

did in an earlier life? Would I be proud of the site? Etc..

Other Notes:

• All sites will be evaluated using Google Chrome.

• When submitting your work, indicate where each of the following are

located (it will make grading much easier)

o Form

o Links to external style sheets

o JavaScript script

o External links

o Images / multimedia clips

o CSS text effects

o CSS color image effects

o CSS floating box with effects

you also need to implement the following JavaScript features:

16. Ajax and Jason (20 pts)

17. A Google map application (16 pts)

18. A photo Viewer (16 pts)

19. At least one of the following: Accordion, Tab Panels or Slider. (16 pts)

20. A search/Filtering function. (16 pts)

21. Enhance your form page by using show password, checkboxs, and radio buttons, which are examples of Form Enhancements. (16pts)


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