Business cards should be exchanged during introductions at the beginning of the business meeting



Suggestions Assignment 3:
Start off with a general summary of the country to set the scene. How big is the country, population, economic importance? Tell us about the culture, things that are important to that country and its people, and also things to keep in mind when doing business there. This is all an overview.
For example from my assignment 3:
Mexico is the 13th largest country being three times the size of Texas and having a population of more than 100 million people. It is the most populous Spanish speaking country in the world ....... Important things in Mexican society include family, religion, and respect. The family is an integral part of Mexican society.......when doing business in Mexico it’s important to keep a few things in mind as a guideline.
Emotional sensitivity is highly valued
Mexico is an honor/sharing culture, thus face-saving through indirect communication is key......
When it comes to each individual topic, create a header and proceed to discuss that topic. For Example:
Business Cards:
Business cards should be exchanged during introductions at the beginning of the business meeting.....
In terms of length, I would write between 1.5-2 paragraphs on each topic. Meaning 8-10 sentences. This assignment will probably be somewhere between 5 and 8 pages including works cited and title page.
A lot of people are asking me about formatting and particularly citations. Please read the formatting section in the instructions carefully. Don't use APA or MLA! That's not accepted and you will lose points. Only Chicago style, please.
The Internet is a nice source for this assignment, but I would also suggest finding an ebook or physical book. I used the ASU libraries website to find an ebook. A book is great for the in-depth understanding of the subject and you know its a credible source. Also, it may provide little-known facts that you wouldn't find online. The Internet will have the tendency to be redundant, too brief, or too basic with the information you are looking for so a book could solve this issue for you.

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