Business Communication at Workplace




Subject Code and Title BIZ101- Business Communications

Assessment Critical Analysis

Individual/Group Individual

Length 800 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes a) Demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the

level of study

b) Demonstrate research skills and referencing

appropriate to the level of study

c) Critically analyse texts and/or multi-modal material

in a business context

Submission Part A: By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Week 3

Part B: By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Week 6

Weighting Part A: 5% (Pass/Fail)

Part B: 15%

Total Marks Part A: 100 marks

Part B: 100 marks


The assessment task requires you to evaluate ONE article from a reliable journal related to your

choice of ONE of the following topics:

Topic 1 – Analyse the impact of technology on communication skills in the workplace.

Topic 2 - Critically discuss the importance of communication skills in the workplace.

Topic 3 - Communication is an art not a skill. Discuss the statement.


In this assessment, you must critically analyse a text, examining the language used and the beliefs

and assumptions behind it. Use the following Critical Analysis Format to structure your writing:

Title This is your shortest section since it is only as long as the full

BIZ101_Assessment1_Critical Analysis _Module 2 Page 2 of 5

reference of the article – must be in correct referencing format

Topic This sets up what is being discussed. Establish simply what the text is

about. This section is brief – one or two sentences only

Context What is the cultural or historical location of the text? In which

discipline does it fit?

Structure A brief description of how the writer has put together the paper.

Style You are asked to comment on the author’s clarity, use of language,

and whether the style suits the material discussed and is appropriate

for the intended audience.

Evaluation Assess how the writer has made their case, assessing the usefulness

or relevance of the evidence presented, and showing the strengths

and weaknesses in the paper.

Just remember: this is about demonstrating critical thinking. You

need to support your claims with examples e.g.:

the author argues that face-to-face communication is more

effective in business negotiations, but does not provide

research data or examples to back up this claim.

Do not write in first person – instead stick with third person to

articulate your Evaluation in phrases such as:

Ø Instead of “I think one of the strengths of this paper is” use

“One of the strengths of this paper is...”

Ø “This raises the counter-argument that...”

Ø “This paper would benefit from...”

Conclusion This is a short simple section. It won’t introduce new information

but rather offer a conclusive overview.

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