Background: Individual Assignment: Report

1800-2000 words

Write an evaluative report giving recommendations for action to improve the business

economic processes in an organization OR country of your choice. Make references to the

theories covered in Weeks 1-12. Use economic terms and graphics to illustrate your report.

As you write your report, please be sure to cite all relevant sources. Use the Harvard

Referencing format for in-text citations as well as Reference List.

Your report should contain the following:

 Title page

 Executive summary

 Table of contents


o describing the purpose, scope of the report,

o and background of your chosen organization or country, o as well as limitations and

assumptions as appropriate

Methodology (how did you approach, collect and collate your information)


 Discussion of results (evaluating the organization or country in relation to the

issues and linking this

to economic theory)



 Reference List

Appendices (do not form part of the word count)

Students must include and reference a minimum of 15 recent journal articles using

Harvard Style referencing for the assessment.

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