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Background Information for World-Wide Trading Company

World-Wide Trading Company (WWTC) is a giant online brokerage firm in Hong Kong. The

trading company has a staff of 9,000 who are scattered around the globe. Due to aggressive

growth in business, they want to establish a regional office in New York City. They leased the

entire floor of a building on Wall Street. You were selected as a contractor (your group) to build

a state of the high art availability, secure network. The President of the company asked you to set

up the state of the art network by the end of this year. He shared with you the organizational

structure and a list of the 100 employees. The current floor of the new site is stable, and gigabit

network can be set up on existing network wiring. Also, the existing power supply will meet the

client’s current and future demand. The President has required these business goals:

Business and Technical Goals

  •  Increase revenue from 10 billion to 40 billion in three to four years
  •  Reduce the operating cost from 30 to 15 percent in two to three years by using an

automated system for buying and selling.

  •  Provide secure means of customer purchase and payment over the Internet.
  •  Build a high availability, moderate confidentiality and moderate integrity unclassified

network (based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology- NIST)

  •  Build a classified network with high confidentiality, reasonable integrity, and average

availability (based on NIST)

  •  Allow the employee to attach their notebook computers to the WWTC network and wireless

Internet services.

  •  Provide state of the art VoIP and Data Network
  •  Provide Active Directory, DNS, and DCHP services
  •  Provide faster Network services
  •  Provide fast and secure wireless services in the lobby, conference rooms (100x60), and

the cubical areas.

Based on these business goals, your group is responsible for designing, configuring, and

implementing fast, reliable, and secure networks (classified and unclassified).


- Propose a secure network design that solves the network and security challenges, to meet

business needs, and the other technical goals. You are also required to provide a modular

and scalable network. Provide redundancy at building core layer, building a distribution

layer, and access layer to avoid angle point of failure. For Building Access layer provide

redundant uplinks connection.

Authentic Assessment Project (AAP) Jan 2017

- Select the opriate Cisco switch model for each part of your enterprise campus model

design from the Cisco Products Link, and use the following assumptions in your selection


1. Selecting the Access layers’ switches:

a. Provide one port to each device

b. Make provision for 100% growth

2. Server farm switches

a. Assume 6 NIC cards in each server and one NIC card uses one port of switch

b. Dual processors and dual power supply

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