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Create a new Python program (you choose the filename) that contains a main function and another function named change_list. Refer to the SAMPLE OUTPUT after reading the following requirements.

In the main function:

  • create an empty list.
  • use a for loop to add 12 random integers, all ranging from 50 to 100, to the list.
  • use second for loop to iterate over the list and display all elements on one line separated by a single space.
  • display the 4th element, the element at index 9, and the smallest element.
  • call the change_list function with your list as its sole argument.
  • use a slice to make a new list from the list that was passed into this function. The new list should hold the middle 6 elements of the list that was passed in. NOTE: you must accomplish this step with a slice.
  • use a function to determine the size of the new list. Print the size.
  • sort the new list in ascending order and return the sorted list to main.
  • assign the list returned by change_list to a new list.
  • use another for loop to iterate over this returned list and display all elements on one line, separated by a single space.

In the change_list function:

Back in the main function.

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